Metrology for research and development
Metrological infrastructure
Measurements planning and processing of results
Measurement uncertainty analysis
Calibration, documentation and laboratory management
Testing product characteristics
Measurement of process properties
Geometrical product specifications
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Postgraduate Master Course "Metrology"
organized by: University of Zenica, University Erlangen-Nürnberg and University of Maribor
supported by European Union Tempus programme
Course materials

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Metrology for research and development
1. The history of Metrology   PDF pdf, 2670 kB
2. Definition of Metrology   PDF pdf, 555 kB
3. Definitions of Units   PDF pdf, 468 kB
4. Terms in Metrology   PDF pdf, 1030 kB
5. Types of Metrology   PDF pdf, 1690 kB
6. Testing measuring and control   PDF pdf, 534 kB
7. Metrology and Quality   PDF pdf, 1520 kB
8. Metrology uncertainty   PDF pdf, 741 kB
9. Metrology and Information Technology   PDF pdf, 917 kB
10. Future of metrology   PDF pdf, 199 kB
Metrological infrastructure
1. Introduction-Metrological infrastructure   PDF pdf, 1258 kB
2. International Metrological Infrastructure   PDF pdf, 1429 kB
3. OIML MAA   PDF pdf, 912 kB
4. MRA-Metrology infrastructure   PDF pdf, 447 kB
5. European Metrological Infrastructure   PDF pdf, 769 kB
6. National Metrological Infrastructure   PDF pdf, 1241 kB
1. Introduction in Standardization   PDF pdf, 572 kB
2. Standardization   PDF pdf, 608 kB
3. Certification,registration and acreditation   PDF pdf, 395 kB
4. Akreditacija (bos.)   PDF pdf, 839 kB
Measurements planning and processing of results
  Only printed materials available    
Measurement uncertainty analysis
1 Examples presented during the course   SMU files
2 Demo version of GUM Workbench©.   external link
Calibration, documentation and laboratory management
1. Calibration   PDF pdf, 3340 kB
2. Sample calibration certificates   PDF pdf, 265 kB
3. Sample calibration procedures   PDF pdf, 986 kB
4. Quality manual LTM   PDF pdf, 961 kB
1 Mechanical Measurements   PDF pdf, 525 kB
2 Strain Gauges   PDF pdf, 18558 kB
3 Measurement Uncertainty   PDF pdf, 1572 kB
4 Measuring Cells   PDF pdf, 2679 kB
5 Mass and Level Measurement   PDF pdf, 2442 kB
6 Dynamic Mass Measurements   PDF pdf, 4567 kB
7 Sensors   PDF pdf, 2740 kB
8 Industrial Measurements   PDF pdf, 4986 kB
Testing product characteristics
1 Reliability   PDF pdf, 628 kB
2 Introduction to NDT   PDF pdf, 1817 kB
3 Penetrants, Leak Testing   PDF pdf, 1311 kB
4 Radio and Magnetic Methods   PDF pdf, 2629 kB
5 Microwave, Thermal Testing   PDF pdf, 1028 kB
6 Eddy Current, Ultrasound   PDF pdf, 1508 kB
7 Laser Based 3D Optical Methods   PDF pdf, 3145 kB
8 Computer Vision, Imaging   PDF pdf, 2284 kB
9 Numerical Methods   PDF pdf, 4148 kB
10 Testing Polymers   PDF pdf, 6900 kB
11 Testing Adhesives   PDF pdf, 3570 kB
12 Sampling   PDF pdf, 378 kB
13 Statistics for Product Testing   PDF pdf, 274 kB
14 Standards in Product Testing   PDF pdf, 179 kB
15 CE Marking   PDF pdf, 227 kB
Measurement of process properties
  Measurement of Process Properties   PDF pdf, 2748 kB
Geometrical product specifications
  Only printed materials available    

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