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Kačmarčik Josip
(project secretary):

E-mail: kjosip@mf.unze.ba
Telephone: (+387 32) 449 120
Fax: (+387 32) 246 612

Nermina Zaimović-Uzunović
(project coordinator):

E-mail: nzaimovic@mf.unze.ba
Telephone: (+387 32) 449 138
Fax: (+387 32) 246 612

Postgraduate Master Course "Metrology"
organized by: University of Zenica, University Erlangen-Nürnberg and University of Maribor
supported by European Union Tempus programme

During the last 15 years, there were no postgraduate study in the field of metrology and measurements in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Research institutes and laboratories, which were financed by large industrial companies, or from military sources, now barely exist, since these financial sources are not more available. Large companies were dissolved into small and medium enterprises, and military institutions have very limited sources of funding after the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That lead to the situation where research institutes dissapear, since they receive very limited support by governmental institutions. The number of experts who used to work at these institutes and laboratories is signifficantly reduced, because of aging, retirement, or brain drain (lack of finances forced them to leave these institutions).

Bosnian industry is mostly privatised during the last decade, and it is obvious that one of the major industrial branches is automotive industry. Privatized SME's produce automotive parts mostly for export, and in majority of cases, for European market. Along with agriculture, this industrial branch is the most prospective industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EU market has standards which require that national metrology system must be established, in order to provide traceability of measurements. Bosnia is one of the last countries in SEE without National metrology system. Only a few partially equipped laboratories exist at the universities and factories. The lack of such a system leads to obstacles for export and EU integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specific project objectives:
The objective of this project is to overcome the lack of metrology experts in Bosnian research institutions by educating researchers.
Specific objectives of this project are:
- to deliver MSc programme on metrology by the end of the grant agreement,
- to educate critical number of specialists in the area of metrology, which will be able to perform institutional development of national bodies in the field of metrology. They will be key factors in establishment, development, enhancment and support of national metrology system, in the period of two to three years.
- to enhance the capacity of national bodies for strategic planning and to build up international relations by the end of the grant agreement.

Delivery of this postgraduate course will increase university-industry cooperation through establishment of personal contacts between attendees (which will mostly be from industrial enterprises) and academic staff. The course will also support establishment of international relations between course attendees and academic staff from EU which will deliver courses. These two aspects strongly support the reform of higher education.

Target group:
The project will include selection of 20 to 30 attendees, which will have to fulfill some prerequisites:
- B.Sc. qualification (technical, natural sciences, biotechnology, agriculture,...)
- Average grade minimum 7.5
- English language skills
- Affinity to research activities
The project is targeted at candidates from:
- public and private research institutes and laboratories,
- teaching assistants at higher education institutions,
- administrative and decision-making staff from ministries, research institutes, professional associations,
- staff dealing with research and measurements from industrial enterprises.

Expected project outcomes:
The following outcomes will be produced in the framework of the project:
1. Printed and electronic course materials and equipped facilities
2. Delivery of the first semester course, common for all participants
3. Delivery of specialistic courses during the second semester
4. Research/case study projects of attendants under supervision of mentors
5. A number of specialists in the field of metrology which will be able to establish, develop, enhance and support the national metrology system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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